Rating 7.8

Clean With Passion For Now

Clean Up Like It's Hot , Ildan Tteugeopge Cheongsohara , First, Clean Passionately , Ildan Ddeugeobge
Status: Completed Network: Released: Nov 26, 2018 - Feb 4, 2019 Duration: 1 hr. 10 min. Country: Type: Drama Episodes: 16 Casts: , , , , , Updated on:

Jang Sun Gyeol has wealth and good looks but suffers from severe mysophobia. He is obsessed with cleaning and even owns his own cleaning company. However, he meets a carefree and untidy girl named Gil Oh Sol after she enters his company as a new employee.
Oh Sol has worked all sorts of part-time jobs while striving for a full-time job and does not have the luxury to date or be clean.